The vineyard is blooming

Greetings to the USA!

Happy Holidays

Hi guys!

If you are traveling in Italy these days and you are close to Parma, come to see how these products are made and their history. My friends and I work during the Christmas holidays, too. So if it happens that you are around here… call me, text me or send me an email. I will be glad to help you.

My best and sincere wishes for a wonderful 2016!

Thanks and see you!

At the Balsamic house!

At the Parma ham factory

Greetings to Norway!

Parma city center

Parma city center is very nice, you can stroll around in Parma and see the monuments, the churches and go shopping in our fancy shops in the afternoon after the tour. You might think of staying the night before and enjoy completely the life in Parma.

Here is a view of the city from above (photo by Carlo Ferrari):

Forbes says Italy’s best place to eat is Emilia-Romagna (where Parma is)

Forbes’ David Rosengarten: “Better yet…get thee to Emilia-Romagna! Push off that trip to Venice, or Florence, or Rome…and put Emilia-Romagna on your itinerary instead.”

You might want to go to Bologna, but a trip to Parma is necessary because Prosciutto di Parma is only here in the province of Parma (it’s not in Bologna) and then you can have different recipes than Bologna, because in each town you get different recipes and different tradition.

Parma tradition is the best in first courses such as “tortelli d’erbetta” and “anolini” or “cappelletti”.