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Parma city center

Parma city center is very nice, you can stroll around in Parma and see the monuments, the churches and go shopping in our fancy shops in the afternoon after the tour. You might think of staying the night before and enjoy completely the life in Parma.

Here is a view of the city from above (photo by Carlo Ferrari):

Forbes says Italy’s best place to eat is Emilia-Romagna (where Parma is)

Forbes’ David Rosengarten: “Better yet…get thee to Emilia-Romagna! Push off that trip to Venice, or Florence, or Rome…and put Emilia-Romagna on your itinerary instead.”

You might want to go to Bologna, but a trip to Parma is necessary because Prosciutto di Parma is only here in the province of Parma (it’s not in Bologna) and then you can have different recipes than Bologna, because in each town you get different recipes and different tradition.

Parma tradition is the best in first courses such as “tortelli d’erbetta” and “anolini” or “cappelletti”.

Torrechiara Castle near Parma

During the food tour, the Torrechiara castle is on the route and it’s possible to stop and take photos (it’s possible to take photos and videos at the factories, too).

This photo was taken by my boyfriend Davide Bolsi and was put on Wikipedia. It was the first photo taken from that point of the hill. Usually the photos were taken at the foothills.

A movie was filmed here, Ladyhawke, with Hollywood stars Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer. This film is very famous in Italy.

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I’d like to thank all my clients for the enthusiastic reviews of my food tours on Tripadvisor.

Thank you, have a wonderful 2014!

Chocolate made in Parma

From 24th November to 29th December there is a shop in Parma that sells the chocolate made in Parma. It is said it’s an old tradition here in Parma. The great great grandchildren of the man who founded the chocolaterie in 1879 have now opened this shop and they try to relive the tradition of the chocolate made in Parma through the old recipes.

November porc

Now there is November porc! It is a fair that takes place near Parma and it is focused on deli meats from the pig. Here you can find dishes based on deli meats and stands with tastings. You can find also deli meats that are not so famous such as “mariolone”, a typical deli meat of our town (a kind of cotechino).
For the whole month the restaurants around the fair will propose menus with the traditional deli meats and with arranged prices, so it’s the time to see how the chefs interpret the tradition or reinvent it.

Festival del prosciutto!

From 7th to 16th September, there will be the Festival del prosciutto di Parma, there will be lots of stands, music, VIPs and most of all… our noble Parma Ham!

It is the 15th edition and the programme is full of surprises! If you wish a visit to the Parma Ham festival, contact !

About this blog

In this blog I will not only talk to you about my food tours, but I will also satisfy your curiosity with recipes of some traditional Italian dishes, interesting facts and cultural events in Parma.

For example, have you ever tasted Tortelli d’erbetta? If the answer is no (what a pity!), you don’t know what you’re missing! Otherwise I have a surprise for you…