Discover Parma foods with Laura – Itineray

Italy is famous for the taste and the flavors of the food and Parma is the center of the best foods.
Italy is known for the wonderful art, but also foods like Parmigiano- Reggiano, Cured Ham and Balsamic are very imoportant.
These are the three most copied products all over the world.
On this tour, you will speak directly to the owners, you will have good tastings,, you will meet the cows and we will be driving from one place to the other together, so we can explore the countryside.

The itinerary is the following:
- 08:30 meeting point at the train station in Parma or at your hotel in Parma
- 08:45-09:30: cheese factory tour
- 09:45-10:30: prosciutto factory tour
- 10:45-11;30: balsamic tour
- 12:00: back in Parma

At the end of the tour, you can ask me if you wish to have lunch together or you prefer to stay on your own.

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