Gnocchi di patate (Potato gnocchi)

This is another recipe that is often made in our family: the gnocchi from the potatoes. They are very good with a red sauce and lots of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Wash 1 kilo of potatoes, without peeling them, and put them into a pot with salty water and boil them. When they’re still warm, peel them and press them and put them on a kitchen counter with flour.

Add some salt, the flour (300 grams) and make the dough until you have a compact and soft dough. Then you can add one egg and you can continue to make the dough.

Then, you can make long strips with the dough and cut the strips with a thickness of 2-3 cms. Then you can put them on a tray with some flour. You can use your fork to make the typical stripes on the gnocco.

You can make the gnocchi rest for 15 minutes and then you can cook them in a quite big pot with salty water and you can drain them as soon as they float.

Enjoy it!

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