Itinerary of the food tour

The itinerary is usually the following, even if it can be modified, if you prefer:

- 09:00 am: meeting point in Parma, at the train station or your hotel
- 09:30-11:15: tour of the Parmigiano-Reggiano factory
- 11:15-11:50: tour of the Lambrusco winery
- 12:00-12:45: tour of the Prosciutto/Culatello/Salami factory (they produce many types of meats)
- 12:50-14:00: lunch
- 14:15-14:50: tour of the Balsamic house
- 15:30: back in Parma

You can see the whole production at the cheese factory from start to finish, and you would have tastings in each stop. You can see the whole cheese production only if we arrive at the cheese factory at 09:30. In every cheese factory, the production is always early in the morning.

The factories that I use are small and family-run with friendly people that are happy to have you there with them!

Thank you and see you in Parma!